Air Conditioning repair Pleasanton
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How we started AC Repair in Pleasanton, CA

heating and cooling service in Pleasanton, CA

Air conditioning is a common part of everyday life in California. I didn't realize this until I visited other parts of the country. I had a feeling this was a good business to get into so I, right out of high school, got a job as a helper for a large air conditioning company right here in Pleasanton.

I know this city very well as I grew up here and never living anywhere else I decided this was going to be the spot to start a business.

AC Repair Pleasanton was founded in 1996. I was eager to please and gave my customers the best value and customer service possible. It must have worked because the business kept growing with new customers every year. Word of mouth was my advertising tool of choice, as long as I made good on all my promises and delivered a good heating and cooling service.