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No one looks forward to replacing an entire central air heating unit in their home, but sometimes it is necessary. However, before you choose to buy a new one entirely, you should have a HVAC technician check your current one out. Whether your heater has quit all together or is not working as efficiently as it should, there are many causes and replacing certain parts of your heater may be all that is needed.

If you are needing frequent repairs on your heater or your energy bills is much higher than it is normally in the colder months, an AC Repair Pleasanton technician can help. It may be time to replace the HVAC unit with a more energy efficient model, especially when yours is more than 15 years old. Even if it has not completely stopped working, the operating and repair costs in the near future could be more than what you would spend by just replacing it.

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Does your home not warm evenly? Sometimes one room will stay much colder than the rest of the home because of the duct work or worn out insulation. Depending on the location of the room, a leak in the duct system may cause less warm air to reach it resulting in the lower temperature. The heater may be distributing enough warm air for the square footage, but most of it is escaping before it gets to the registers. Insufficient insulation and poor seals on doors and windows can also affect a room’s temperature. When the room has an exterior wall, meaning that the other side of the wall is outside of your home, cool air can get through the wall. A heater technician can check the duct system, as well as inform you of anything else that might be causing your heating problem.

Have you noticed that when winter approaches that the inside of your home becomes much dustier or drier? This is probably due to the type of heater that you have and its performance levels. Not only can this make your home uncomfortable, but also provide a less healthy environment. Tests performed on your furnace will show the problem areas so that they can be fixed. This can also happen when your air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. It is recommended that you replace your filter at least a couple of times per year so that it can efficiently rid the air of dust and allergens.

Since there are many parts and electronic devices in your heater, it is important that you have an experienced repairman aid you in any problems that you have. Working with Norm Collins, owner of AC Repair Pleasanton, and his staff will ensure that get the advice that you need to make the best decision on what needs replaced. Check out for more information, or call (925)-396-1187 to schedule an appointment so that your heater can be checked out. Proper care can extend the life of your heater and save you plenty of money too.

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